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H.F Stewart Bulk Bodies

We are the only Official Maine dealers to offer the H.F. Stewart bodies. Stop by our show room to see them in person.

Available at MPG
H.F Stewart 22' or 42'' Bodies

Have a lower center of gravity, for stability in high winds, easier for shorter boom access, and loading and unloading into smaller container locations.
Plus a durable all weather electric tarp system ensures safe transport of product all year.

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Frequency Drive Systems:

The H.F. Stewart bodies offer a more precise flow control over traditional hydraulic dive systems.

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Featuring a totally enclosed ribbing; prevents premature degrading due to salt and dirt build up.

22’ to 42’ Live Bottom Bulk Boxes
26” 2 ply belt
H.F. Stewart round style rib design
Floor chain is made from 2120H chain and 
heavy duty cross bars
Hydraulic side door and rear door
Ladder & Platform
Fenders included
Motorized Tarp Kit
3hp motor & Frequency drive
Boxes are sandblasted, primed, and painted to your choice color

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Fenders are shipped in body for later assembly.


 The H.F Stewart Live Bottom Bulk Box is designed for the agribusiness that needs to haul large amounts of potatoes and other agricultural product. The unique round tub design of our Live Bottom Bulk Box uses a deeper radius then your standard round tub boxes, meaning a greater payload with a much lower center of gravity. Built with high quality parts for less maintenance and greater reliability. Potatoes coming out of the Live Bottom Bulk Box will be bruise free and drivers will not have to get inside to clean out the box eliminating the risk of injury. We designed our product line with you in mind, so sit back relax and let the H.F Stewart Live Bottom Bulk Box do the hard work for you.
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